Supply of inputs, equipment & management

Once the Project is confirmed and the sides involved have decided to move ahead and implement the project, Agrivision can carry out the supply of all inputs: materials, technology and equipment, for the setting up phase, as well as for the on-going operation of the Project for a specified future duration.

Agrivision has established contacts with most of the main agricultural input suppliers. Among the suppliers and manufacturers can be found: machinery & implements, seeds & plants, agro-chemicals and fertilizers, irrigation and water supply systems, animals, chicken & fish inputs as well as food processing plants.

Agrivision provides strong support and a backup administrative unit for the execution of supply orders for the Project. Agrivision offers required tender preparation, coordinating consignment consolidations and arranging for the scheduled shipments.

Main supply related services:

  • Equipment specifications according to Project requirements.
  • Defining the technology and selecting the equipment and materials accordingly.
  • Conversion of the Project design and technology into a comprehensive list of equipment and materials.
  • Preparation of bidding tender documents for distribution among the designated suppliers.
  • Selecting and analyzing the most appropriate and economical proposals.
  • Negotiating with the suppliers for the best and most economical prices.
  • Signing the contracts with the suppliers, coordinating payments and follow-up of the supplies.
  • Supervising and assuring the quality of the supplied equipment / materials.
  • Follow-up of the supply of spare parts and tools.
  • Coordinating the orders and consolidating the consignment shipments.
  • Assuring all relevant documentation and follow-up of the shipments.
  • Maintaining a strong and on-going process of communication with the suppliers for maintenance and back-up.

Management Services during Setting up phase:

A major part of project setting up is: Construction, Establishment and Installation. Agrivision proposes to take full responsibility for the implementation and management of the project’s setting up. This service can be programmed in phases and/or in moderate stages. The client will be requested to specify the level of involvement and responsibilities he or she wishes to allocate to Agrivision in the implementation process.

Management related services:

  • Supervision and coordination of initial project infrastructure on site;
  • Supervise contractors’ task in the following fields: bush clearing, preparation of access roads, water ways and drainage, fencing, leveling, water supply and electricity;
  • Managing and supervising the establishment of project construction and machinery;
  • Managing and supervision of finances and accounts of the project, including presentation of financial reports to the Board of Directors;
  • Providing management manpower for the key positions as required;
  • Provide full scale management for the project’s establishment, on a Turn Key basis;
  • Provide full scale management for the setting up phase for a specific duration of time (in months, years, etc.);

All these services shall be agreed upon and specified according to the client’s needs and requirements.