Agrivision’s mission was to identify suitable profitable agricultural project to be developed in Belize and to prepare, for the identified selected projects, initial economic analyses and business plans.



Investment Budget and capacity

Avocado – US$ 12 million, 500 ha,

Cocoa – US$ 18 million, 1,000 ha,


Belize, 2023


Various locations in Belize


Almog Holdings Ltd., USA

Methodology: Two experts, an agricultural economist and Agronomist and farm infrastructure specialist visited Belize for 11 days. The experts studied the local conditions and identified the relative advantages and disadvantages of various regions of the country in term of climate, topography, water source and quality, soil suitability, local infrastructures and energy sources, potential markets, local population. Also, they had first-hand impression from the local existing farms and met with local farmers in various parts of Belize. The experts analyzed the collected data and selected agricultural crops according to specific criteria and chose two crops: Avocado and Cocoa for further and deeper investigations.

Outcome: Avocado and Cocoa plantations were chosen for additional analysis. Initial business plans were prepared for 500 ha Avocado and 1,000 ha Cocoa. The mission was completed on time according to the scope of work.