The project’s goal was to introduce latest advanced Israeli technology for breeding, nursing and raising endemic types of fish that are naturally growing in Mexico. The selected technology is based on the use of biological filtration unit called “Biofishency technology” in Recycling Aquaculture System (RAS). The project operates a research and training programs for the local Aquaculture farmers.



Investment Budget and capacity

About US$ 400,000


Mexico, 2019


Oaxtepec Morelos area (70 Km out of Mexico City)


UNDP (United Nation Development Program)

Methodology: Agrivision’s team studied the local environment conditions and the relevant fish for breeding under the instructions of UNDP and the local experts. Agrivision’s experts designed in details the proposed “Biofishency technology” and the RAS system and presented the project for approval to UNDP.

Following the UNDP approval, the team had purchased the equipment and implemented the project on site.

Outcome: The project was constructed and installed at site in October / November 2019. Following the connection to the local water supply, all aquaculture systems were checked and found to be functioned well. The project was commissioned on time.