Carrying out a comprehensive Feasibility Study and planning of rural development for new settlements including grain and field crops, sugar cane, dairy, beef cattle, aquaculture, vegetables, herbs and flowers under greenhouses, poultry, fruit trees and processing plants.


Field Crops

Investment Budget and capacity

US$ 5.0 billion, 400,000 ha


Kenya 2015-2014


East – West of Kenya between Galana and Tana rivers


Republic of Kenya, Irrigation National board, Agri green Kenya

Methodology: teams of experts from Israel and Kenya worked together on the mission. The local environment was studied in depth and advanced agricultural technologies which are suitable for the project were chosen. Agricultural, technical and economic analyses were prepared and were submitted to the decision makers and the Irrigation National board of Kenya.

Outcome: The feasibility study was confirmed and budget for implementation was allocated. The first phase of the complete project was already implemented. It includes grain and corn production on an area of 4,000 ha irrigated by machines and drip.