Increasing the milk yield from 5000-6000 liter to 8000-9000 liter/ cow/year and create a demonstration farm as a model for other farms and entrepreneurs in China.



Investment Budget and capacity

US$ 9.0 million, 1,000  heads


China, 2000 – 2004


Derenwu, Yongledian Farm, Beijing area


Ministry of Agriculture, China and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Center For International Cooperation – Mashav, Israel

Methodology: Upgrading an existing old dairy farm of 600 milking cows (about 1,000 heads) by first preparing a complete new detailed design for the farm and then, introducing advanced Israeli technologies. The cow houses were changed to high ventilated structures, the food content and storage facilities were changed to meet the requirement of high milk yield cows. New advance tractors and a feed mixing machine were purchased and new milking parlor was installed including management software. Cow reproduction policy was changed and a professional manager was appointed to permanently stay on the farm for a few years.

Outcome: The Project studies and designs were submitted and the project was approved in 2000. The required changes and investments were executed and the milk production was increased, after two years, to 8000-9000 liter/cow/year. The farm is active to date and serves as a model for other farms in China.