Implementation of Turnkey Fish Project with production capacity of 800 ton per year. Introduction of high quality Tilapia and Catfish species for high quality local markets.   Development of a modern unique technologies suitable for the local conditions. Supply all the required equipment and technologies, supervise the local construction works, manage the project and train the local employees over 1 year period.



Investment Budget and capacity

US$ 8.0 million, 800 ton


Nigeria, 2013 – 2015


South East of Nigeria – River state


River state government and Onida development Ltd. Nigeria

Methodology: Experts from Israel worked on the mission. They analyzed the environment and the climatic conditions on site, checked water supply and quality and the existence of relevant infrastructures, selected the most suitable site and specified the fish growing technology. The implementation management team supervised the local construction works on site.  Equipment and materials were purchased and supplied. Aquaculture technicalities and economic analyses were prepared for submission and client’s confirmation.

Outcome: The Project studies and designs were submitted and the project was approved, developed and commissioned on time. The production of high quality fish began according to the program and the management team executed the production plan and trained the local employees.