Evaluating the proposal and business plan for establishing the milk processing plant (for Yogurt and UHT milk), by sub-contractor, as Turnkey Project. The mission included checking the basic data and assumptions of the proposed project and assessing their validity. In addition, checking the logic behind the business model and clarifying important issues that may affect the operation and profitability of the project.



Investment Budget and capacity

US$ 9.0 million, 50,000  litter/day


Uganda, 2013


Tomosis Farms, Uganda


Alpha Innovations Management Ltd., Cyprus

Methodology:  Studying the information that was collected by the client and by a senior dairy specialist that visited the project area. Collecting data, such as financial Excel model and market survey related to the milk processing industry in Uganda from the sub-contractor. Analyzing the basic agricultural and economic data and assumptions, which are the bases for the agro-economic model.

Outcome: The economic analysis that included the evaluation of critical factors (product combination, price of raw milk etc.), showed good profitability and the Validity Evaluation report was used as a tool for the Due Diligence before the final decision regarding the investment in the milk processing plant.