Implementation of Turnkey project for producing Roses in Greenhouses. The project required detailed planning, identification of suitable land, construction of 6 ha of greenhouses with soilless troughs, irrigation and fertigation systems, heating system and construction of modern packing house. The water supply for irrigation should be recycled and fully controlled. The growing techniques should be modern and based on coconut fibers media. The flowers will be exported to Europe and the quality should meet the European standard.



Investment Budget and capacity

US$ 3.5 million, 6 ha


Ethiopia, 2005


North Ethiopia – Sululta area


Kothari Group Co. – Ethiopia

Methodology: A team of experts from Israel worked on the mission. They selected the site and tested the water and the soil. In addition, the team defined the type of greenhouse and the growing technology. The selection of rose varieties was made according to the market trends and prices at the Dutch auction. All parameters of infrastructures, water availability, labor and site preparation were taken into consideration.

Outcome: The Project was established according to the confirmed budget and technical plans. The production started 8 months after the project construction started on site. The quality of the roses was of the highest level since the climate at the selected site was favorable. The logistics and shipments to the European market were operated well and the roses were sold for high prices.