Carrying out a Feasibility Study for the development of Castor oil project. The 10,000 ha project will include, in addition to the castor, corn fields and coconut plantations. The castor will be sold to local oil factories for various castor products (cosmetic and industrial products and bio diesel).


Field Crops

Investment Budget and capacity

US$ 57.0 million, 10,000 ha


Brazil, 2013




ADAMA Group, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Methodology: A team of agronomists, economists and engineers from Israel worked on the mission. The local potential sites were studied in depth including water supply infrastructure and irrigation systems.  During the planning time, there was continuous cooperation between Adama Group and the Volcani Center- Agricultural Research Organization, Israel, for introducing high yield castor varieties to Bahia, Brazil.

Outcome: The feasibility study was submitted to the client including full economic analysis. Since 2013, castor is produced in pilot fields for testing the potential of special varieties before expanding the project to its full size.