Preparation of technical and business plan studies and Implementation of Turnkey Zander Fish Project with production capacity of 2000 ton per year. Introducing the new high quality fish to the local markets. Selecting the land and determining the most economic and practical technology for breeding and producing the fish. Transferring the technologies to the local community and training a local management team to be able to take over the project, after 2 – 3 years.



Investment Budget and capacity

US$ 28.0 million, 2,000 ton


China, 2016


Yunnan province, China


Asia Science & Technology Ltd. Beijing, China

Methodology: Agrivision’s experts visited the proposed locations, analyzed the environment and the climatic condition on site, and checked the local water supply source and the water quality. The experts studied the existing relevant infrastructures, selected the most suitable site and specified the suitable production technologies. Agrivision’s scientist, who has specialized in Zander breeding, has collected important data in Europe since most of the existing Zander production is carried out in this region.

Outcome: The technical and financial study reports were submitted and confirmed by the client. The project is at a stage of financial arrangements between Israeli and Chinese banks before starting the implementation phase.