Carrying out Feasibility Study for the development of innovative Orchids Pots project for the European and American markets. The project is based on Israeli technology that specialized in producing Dendrobium and Vanda orchid varieties which are highly demanded at the targeted markets at competitive sale prices.



Investment Budget and capacity

US$ 1.3 million, 1ha


Ghana, 2015


Accra area


STL Group, Accra, Ghana

Methodology: At present, most of the Dendrobium and Vanda Orchid special varieties are imported to Europe from Thailand. Agrivision’s team, will make use of the advantages of suitable weather, low production costs and short distance of air shipment to the markets.  This will enable to efficiently compete with the orchid suppliers from Thailand and to create a feasible and profitable project. Agrivision’s experts prepared the required studies including the indication of the growing technologies protocol and the management structure. Special focus was put on the analysis of the European Orchid markets and on the agricultural, technical and economic analyses.

Outcome: The feasibility study, including comprehensive economic analysis and timetable for setting up, was submitted to the client for finance allocation.