Preparing a comparative pre-feasibility study for development and implementation of Pepper growing project under greenhouses in Thermal area in California USA, for the food network of the client. An integral part of Agrivision’s mission was to indicate the most profitable way of growing sweet pepper considering the climatic conditions of Thermal, California. The goal of this study is to enable the client to take a decision regarding purchasing a specific land in Thermal for the development of the Pepper project.



Investment Budget and capacity

US$ 5.0 million, 10 ha


California USA, 2016


Thermal city – Palm Desert California


Windset Farms Inc., Canada

Methodology: Agrivision Experts analyzed the climatic conditions in Thermal, Ca, USA, which are similar to those in the Arava desert in Israel. Agrivision’s experts prepared, based on the agricultural practices of the Arava farmers, and after considering agronomic and economic aspects, an economic analysis of a few ways of growing pepper in various structures (greenhouses, net houses etc.) according to the quality requirements of the client – Windset Farms, Canada.

Outcome: The pre-feasibility study and the related conclusions were submitted on time and served as a tool for the client if and when to purchase the land in Thermal Ca., USA for the development of the Pepper project.