Implementation of a turnkey project for producing Geranium and other balcony plants cuttings for export. The project required detailed planning, identification of suitable land, construction of 12 ha of greenhouses equipped with propagation tables, irrigation and all modern growing technologies according to Fisher – Germany (the mother company) standards. Establishing of a local company, purchasing land, constructing greenhouses and farm administrative buildings, developing the water supply and finally producing high quality cuttings for export to the European markets.



Investment Budget and capacity

US$ 10.0 million, 12 ha


Ethiopia, 2013 – 2015


South Ethiopia – Coka area


Ethiopia Cutting Comp. / Fisher Cutting Co. – Germany

Methodology: Experts from Germany and Israel worked on the mission to analyze several options aiming to identify the most suitable land for the project.  At the same time, the experts established a new local company and recruited local manpower for the project’s implementation. The implementation included the following activities: land preparation, construction of an electric power line, pump station, water supply and irrigation, greenhouses and other facilities for supporting the growing plans.

Outcome: The Project was established according to the client requirements. All greenhouses and other facilities were completed and the production and export started on time. The project operating at the high standard required by the German owners and employs more than 1000 workers, while 90% of them are women.