Preparing a feasibility study and business plan for new milk production project. Today, most of the milk products in the country are made of imported milk powder and the goal of the new project is to substitute some of the imported milk powder by high quality fresh cow milk.



Investment Budget and capacity

US$ 14.7 million, 1,000 milking cows (2000 heads)


Georgia 2015


Tbilisi area, Georgia


Tahal Group, Israel

Methodology: A group of experts visited the potential site in Georgia, studied the local characteristics, limitations and advantages. The climate conditions were analyzed and the experts prepared a production plan for about 9 million liter of milk per year. In addition, an economic evaluation was made as part of the business plan.

Outcome: The economic analysis results showed positive indicators and The Project’s business plan was submitted to the client for further discussion before making the Go-No-Go decision.