Leading the Board of Directors in managing Pomegranate plantations, creating partnerships with other companies in order to maximize the production level and marketing and sales results.



Investment Budget and capacity

US$ 6.5 million 100 ha


Israel, 2005-2007


Kfar Menachem


Agricultural enterprises, Kibbutz Kfar – Menachem, Israel

Methodology: Guiding and controlling the operating management and the key personnel of the enterprise, the agricultural planning, the creation of partnerships as well as marketing and financial arrangements and the approval of plans by the Board of Directors.

Outcome: The pomegranate plantations production has a very high yield (50 ton/ha) and the quality of most of the yield is excellent. About 70%-80% of the fruits are sold in the export markets and gain high prices. The rest (20%-30% of the yield), which are not suitable for export markets, are sold to local fresh markets and to processing industry.